Trivia Hosting for your Venue

Engage a trivia operator who understands that it's about getting spending punters in the door.

Our Trivia company has been in the trivia nights caper for more than 13 years and we know what makes pubs and clubs tick: customers with wallets. Our quizmaster will work with you on pub trivia strategies which will:

    get people in
    ✓ get people to stay longer than they intended
    ✓ get people to come back to trivia night and other nights of the week
    ✓ get people in to other weekly activities
    ✓ remind people of the offerings which exist while they are at trivia venues: dining, punting and so on

We can do this using cross promotion, carefully designing a prize structure which encourages repeat business, and with trivia hosting presenters who are led to understand the commercial imperatives of your business.

Take for example the Forresters where  70+ are common ( the record crowd was over 100, we could not count them all) and where 80% of attendants typically dine. Not every trivia night is as strong as this but our trivia company has retained customers over many years with the right audience and the right price for the trivia night.


If you want to know how we run our trivia nights and what it costs to have us help build a crowd in your pub, please contact us.

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