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Trivia Hosting for your Venue

Do you want your venue to be more interesting than it usually is? Want more people eating in your bistro.

Pub-quiz hosting makes your place the  choice for people looking to get out of the house. Sydney's Best Trivia can take the dull nights of the week and make them busy through trivia hosting, tying  in with other events and menu  lines in your pub.

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Community Trivia Fundraising

Community trivia fundraising works.

Organise a fundraising trivia event for your community with the help of our trivia fundraising experts. We can advise you on your next fundraiser and help create an effective trivia fundraising event. Planning, pricing and timing, we can help on all of them.

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Trivia for Corporate Entertainment

Engage a professional corporate trivia events presenter for your next corporate event. We are confident that we are the best people that can help you with your corporate entertainment needs through trivia hosting.
You have important staff and clients and do not want muppets.

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Check out what’s on in your area tonight!

Looking for something to do? Why not take part in one of our trivia nights held across Sydney pubs and clubs. Browse through various pub quiz and trivia night events and find exciting Trivia Venues along with specific locations where you can spend some quality and FUN time with your friends!

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If you're looking for a great pub event in your area, you and your friends should stop by and participate in one of the many trivia night competitions held across Sydney. Our trivia nights and pub quizes have been a favourite amongst venues in Sydney, Balmain, Brookvale, Chatswood, Darlinghurst, Epping, and you'll no doubt have a great time!

Perhaps you're looking for entertainment for a fundraising event? Our trivia fundraising program is popular and creates a team enviroment amongst your attendees. For more information, feel free to browse our website or give us a call today.