Community Trivia Fundraising

We have helped literally of hundreds of schools and clubs and community groups with trivia fundraising events.

We will help your community fundraising event by providing a great trivia presenter, plenty of advice on the trivia and the fundraising event, great content and an approach which suits your community to maximise engagement and donations and so on.

  • trivia games that make money
  • a trivia host who is not just a quizmaster but is also a great MC and potentially an auctioneer
  • a quizmaster who can assist inĀ trivia hosting while setting a tone in the room which lends itself to trivia fundraising
  • raffle strategies suited for your community trivia fundraising

Get people to participate in your cause through pub quiz trivia fundraising! Together with our trivia fundraising team members, you can create a professional and fun trivia hosting event and raise funds for your charity. With our trivia fundraising experience, your event will not only be memorable butĀ also profitable.

For more information on trivia fundraising events for your community, please contact us.


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